Flora and Fauna: Nineteenth Century Colour Printing

This exhibit features Nineteenth Century Colour Printing of Flora and Fauna. Studying herbs, plants, animals, birds, eggs, and collecting them was a widely sought-out practice in 19th Century England. Several of the books featured include female authors such as Anne Pratt who was a botanical and ornithological illustrator from Kent. Although Edmund Evans and Benjamin Fawcett had their own cases in the exhibit as they focused mainly on printing and designing art relating to the natural realm, this exhibit also includes artists and engravers: Walter Crane, Randolph Caldecott, Elizabeth Twining, F. O. Morris, G. Pearson, William Dickes, Harrison Weir, T. and A. Constable, and John Absolon. Since the Robertson Davies library and Massey College's program focus mainly on the print and material culture of books, the primary focus of this exhibit is on the production of images. Some are woodcut prints, other chromolithographs. The main focus is on the artists, printers, and engravers, rather than the authors and content matter. The theme of "Flora and Fauna" was chosen to add a cohesive structure to the artists presented.


Digitization and curation of this exhibit was arranged by Andreea Marin. Andreea is a Master of Information Candidate at the University of Toronto where she studies Library and Information Science collaboratively with Book History and Print Culture (BHPC). Andreea has a B.A. from the University of Toronto in English and Book and Media Studies, and is a Victoria University alumna. Andreea curated an exhibit at the E.J. Pratt Library on Nineteenth-Century Illustrated Children’s Literature and another at the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies Library on Plutarch.